How and why can you use our products?


Service CIDS - Create a Brand
Market overview - Spirit'focus files - 10,000 spirit brands listed in Spirit'data

I want to create a brand

What the CIDS can do for me

Thanks to the information services on the site, a few clicks allow you to : 

The accessibility and relevance of the information make the CIDS website my favourite tool to begin a new project.

Service CIDS - I have a brand
Business intelligence thanks to the CIDS alerts. Over 100,000 articles indexed in the Spirit'presse database of the CIDS.

I have a brand

What the CIDS can do for me

Thanks to the powerful search engine on the website: 

  • I carry out business intelligence by creating or amending my alerts thanks to the information structured by the CIDS: everything I need to know about brands, companies and markets comes to me in a weekly e-mail recap! Efficient and fast.
  • I keep my files up-to-date by reading the Spirit'focus dedicated to products. 
  • I choose to follow the news that concern me among the Spirit'express®, Spirit'weekly and Spirits Valleys News newsletters.

The variety of exploited sources, their fast processing by a dedicated team at the CIDS, combined with  an easy browing of the site,  guarantee you an efficient, accurate business watch. 

Service CIDS - Follow evolutions
Market and product watch thanks to the Spirit’express®, Spirit’weekly and Spirits Valley News newsletters. 25 key topics followed in the Spirit’focus files.

I want to follow evolutions and anticipate trends

What the CIDS can do for me

By subscribing to the Spirit’express® daily newsletter or the Spirit’weekly weekly newsletter, I can follow trends in real time.

  • Thanks to the annual study published by the CIDS, I can put them in perspective with fundamental trends in the various categories and markets.
  • I can complete my analysis thanks to the Spirit’focus files that give me key information about a given topic.
  • Finally, I can complete my search by browsing the brands directory to find the latest brands and the most talked-about brands!

The time saved in the search for relevant information allows me to be more reactive.