Educational distillery

The CIDS has an educational distillery, containing a 25-litre Chalvignac Charentais pot still.

The educational distillery offers :

• An opportunity to handle a pot still during our distillation courses
• A tool to help trainees hoping to set up a micro-distillery
• A place to carry out research about distillation


Being trained in conditions that are close to actual production offers an advantage and a real educational benefit, especially for trainees hoping to set up a micro-distillery.

Our distillation courses
F2A - Charentaise distillation: a qualitative approach, tasting, conservation
F2B - Distilling spirits and adding value to effluents
F2C - Creating a micro-distillery: knowing the rules, defining your strategy  
P1W - Level 2: discovering whiskies

The educational distillery is also a tool enabling research work on distillation.



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