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F1B - Introduction to spirits : production methods and tasting

F1BL - Cognac: a territory, a profession, its products

LIQ - Create a liquor

P1R - Level 2 : discovering rums


F1C - Conducting a tasting: a tool to promote your brand - French/English

F6 - Sales strategy: brand identity, distribution networks, digital communication

INT - Sales strategy and international transaction management

TOUR - Spiritourism key elements: elaborating your offer, adding brand value, developing direct sales

Production process

ARO - Flavouring of alcoholic and non-alcoholic spirits

F2A - Charentaise distillation: a qualitative approach, tasting, conservation

F2B - Distilling spirits and recycling effluents

F2D - Distillation: maintaining and controlling gas burners

F3 - Mastering the production process and aging of brown spirits

F4B - Stock management: management of the production unit, blending techniques and range creation

P1W - Level 2: discovering whiskies


CEC - CEC : Passeport vers la Certification Environnementale Cognac et ses aspects réglementaires

F2C - Creating a micro-distillery: knowing the rules, defining your strategy

F5 - Implementing quality, health and safety regulatory monitoring in the wine and spirits industry

F7 - Mastering customs operations and indirect taxation



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