Training sessions in the Caribbean

From the 16th to the 20th of April, 2018, two CIDS training courses were held in Marie-Galante. Jean-Luc Braud and Christian Vergier gave classes about spirits knowledge and the ageing of brown spirits.

Those sessions are precursory of the forthcoming Caribbean training centre dedicated to rum and spirits, to be developed in Marie-Galante. This project, initiated by consultant François de Lavigne, with its partners the CIDS and the Marie-Galante local council, aims to bring the expertise of the CIDS in spirits training to the Caribbean area. The objective is to go along with the premiumisation of rum, in order to face up to the competition from whisky, tequila and vodka. Premium rums, sold over $20 a bottle, represent only 5.6% of global rum sales in 2016, compared with 22% for vodka, 30% for Scotch whisky, and 34% for tequila (source : IWSR).

That week’s training course was an opportunity for Quitterie Fourquet, the director of the CIDS, to make contacts with local political and economic players. She had fruitful exchanges with Maryse Etzol, president of the Marie-Galante local council.

Radio Caraïbe Internationale dedicated a report to this project of rum and spirits training centre
Radio Caraïbe Internationale also broadcast an interview with Quitterie Fourquet





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