3 questions to Xavier Godet

Published on 11/05/2018

Xavier Godet is the instructor for the CIDS' Creating a micro-distillery : knowing the rules, defining your strategy and P1W - Level 2: discovering whiskies  courses

1. In your opinion, what are the most important problematics concerning micro-distilleries over the next decade ?

How can one manage to reconcile imagination and professionalism? One cannot neglect either of them. There are people with a lot of imagination, but who do not master the technical side, and vice versa.

2. If trainees had to remember only one thing from the course, what would it be ?

I whish every trainee could understand that if they do whatever it takes,  their dream can become a project, then a reality, then a success. 

3. If you had to choose only one book and one cognac to spend the night, what would they be ?

The book would be the crime novel I am currently reading, by Scottish writer Peter May. It is set in Lewis and Harris. The cognac would be a single estate distilled in a wood-fired pot still, whose owner I know and like : Cognac VSOP « Les Barbins ».




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