CIDS quoted in a remarkable book about French whisky

Published on 13/10/2023

Matthieu Acar's "Une brève mais intense histoire du whisky français", published by Editions Flammarion, presents a remarkable overview of French whisky. The book, which has just been published, includes a historical overview, a section on production techniques, and a guide section listing some 100 operators.

The presentation of the distilleries focuses on the backgrounds of their founders. This is an opportunity to mention, on several occasions, our training center, which has welcomed many of France's whisky entrepreneurs over the last 20 years. The historical section even recounts the meeting on our premises between Guillaume Ferroni and David Roussier. It was in May 2010, during a session on ageing spirits!

Many thanks to all those who have referred to the CIDS, and well done Matthieu for this compilation of explanations, stories, anecdotes, testimonials and tasting notes about whisky made in France. All this, with a healthy dose of pedagogy.

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