Production process
F2B - Distilling spirits and recycling effluents


This course combines a theoretical approach and a practical demonstration of distillation. It gives trainees a full perspective of this process, which enables them to master it and to reduce the share of intuitive empiricism. 

This course is meant for professionals who manage, directly or not, a distilling unit. It focuses mainly on Charentaise distillation and column still distillation - such as vodka. 

PREREQUISITE : A minimum practical knowledge of distillation is desirable.


F2A -Charentaise distillation: a qualitative approach, tasting, conservation
F2C - Creating a micro-distillery: knowing the rules, defining your strategy

Next sessions

  • From 14 to 17 Dec 2020

    DURATION : 4 days / 28 hours

    PRICE : €1 450 

    Costs met by OCAPIAT for 2020

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