3 questions to Grégory Crouvizier

Published on 11/05/2018

Grégory Crouvizier is the managing director of Distilleries vinicoles du Blayais. Passionate about distilling , he is a trainer in the CIDS' Distilling spirits and adding value to the effluents course

1 – In your opinion, what are the most important problematics concerning spirits distillation and production processes over the next decade ?

I think the upcoming problematics will be related to energy, and of course the capacity to adapt tools to produce spirits matching the changing tastes of the market. 

2 – If trainees had to remember only one thing from the course, what would it be ?

They must remember that distilling is a job nourished by passion and observation, and that the best way to learn is to be trained on the basics and then spending time making tests on the machines. Our profession is not an exact science. We sell taste, and we are still looking for its chemical formula…..

3 – If you could invite two historical figures to a dinner party, who would you choose?

They would have to be explorers! There is much choice, but if I have the choice, I'd like to entertain David LIVINGSTON for his exploration of Africa and his research on the sources of the Nile and, in another field, Thomas EDISON for his discoveries: the lightbulb, the microphone and telecommunications. He would surely be surprised to see how much his discoveries influence our modern world. 



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