F1B - Introduction to spirits : production methods and tasting


The aim of this course is to give an overview and an in-depth understanding of spirits, considering their production methods as well as their diverse sensory characteristics

This course is for spirits professionals: sales and marketing departments, communication, reception, viticulture/direct sales and for all those who come into contact with clients or the public.



Alexandra Bernet

Jean Luc Braud


Grégory Crouvizier 


Sébastien Dathané


Christophe Faure 

F6 - Sales strategy: brand identity, distribution networks, digital communication
F2B - Distilling spirits and adding value to the effluents
F3 - Mastering the production process and aging of brown spirits
F4B- Stock management: from management of the production unit to blending techniques

Next sessions

  • From 22 to 26 Feb 2021

DURATION : 5 days / 35 hours 

PRICE : 1 470 €

Costs met by OCAPIAT for 2020 

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